Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beaver Found at San Mateo Creek

Amazing Discovery Highlights
Biologically Diverse Watershed

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 February, 2010 : - - San Clemente -- This week, San Onofre State Park officers discovered a North American Beaver at the river mouth of the San Mateo Creek. According to State Parks officials, the species was once a native species to the San Mateo Creek area, but were thought to be largely extinct in the area.

Officials speculate that the animal may be related to a small population of beaver, which was re-introduced into the Santa Margarita watershed by the Department of Fish and Game in the 1940‚s as a means of erosion control. Since then, the beaver have migrated to nearby creeks and watersheds in the area, including those in the Cleveland National Forest and San Mateo Creek.

While State Parks officials are unclear about where this specific beaver originally resided, they are sure it came from one of the streams that flows into the San Mateo Creek. San Mateo Creek has been the site of an ongoing battle between the Surfrider Foundation and other environmental groups, and the Transportation Corridor Agencies, who are seeking to build a toll road project through the watershed.

"This discovery supports our assertion that the San Mateo Creek has a thriving watershed ecosystem that deserves the highest level of protection from its source in the mountains to the ocean," says Mark Rauscher, Surfrider Foundation's Assistant Environmental Director.

According to State Park scientists, the animal had suffered trama prior to being found and unfortunately succumbed to those injuries after being captured.

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