Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letter from my son in Argentina

Hey Dad,

Argentina is great, as I told my friends, I know I'm in Buenos Aires, but it's too soon to tell what that means. I'm starting to figure out what being at CheLA means. This place is huge, almost overwhelming in size. We're setting up this crazy 3D tracking system, we'll be able to tell where someone is within 3D space, and make their position control any number of possibilities, visual, sound, etc etc. We're also starting a school called "Summer School" we're having our first reading group tomorrow evening, and over the weekend out first field trip (to the cemetery) and first film screening. Once we have the 3D tracking system set up (within the next few days) we're going to setup a Pirate TV station that will broadcast to the local community (ten block radius). We're going to invite anyone from the neighborhood to come and create a show for the station (a kind of illegal public access station). Apparently you have to be really careful with the transmitters for pirate TV, they've been know to blind people that didn't take precaution to the power.... We're going to be very very careful about it. Besides that, things are really cheap here (an amazing dinner for 7 dollars, or groceries for five people for a few days for $40) and the culture is very alive. Tonight we went to this great Tango restaurant/bar with live performers and an atmosphere that seems straight out of a Fellini film.... it's very Italian.
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