Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New Melodica Came Today

Welcome to Melodicas.com
Melodica is the name given to a wind instrument created by the German company Hohner in the late 1950’s. Variations of this keyboard have since been manufactured by numerous companies in different regions of the world, each giving the instrument a different name i.e. pocket piano, blow accordion, melodeon, diamonica, melodyhorn, wind piano, keyboard harmonica, pianica, cassotto, MyLodica etc- enough to give this little instrument a massive identity crisis requiring an orchestra of therapists. This site was designed to educate, sell & promote melodica keyboard instruments.


Starvinsky Blogstar said...

Hi Melodica Emancipatoria,

NIce to see a fellow appasianata about the melodica.
On my blog you also find a lot of melodica (and also the MyLodica...)posts.
Just did a tour in Brazil and I played it a lot.
all the best from Amsterdam,