Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twenty Year Love Affair with Fat Spud Boards

In the last 5 years, I refined my love affair with the fat spud boards as a general category. Surfing trestles, mostly upper trestles for over the last twenty five years on a regular bases. I have come to feel the need for a board that will self generate speed from is own volition. Were talking about volume displacement over the rider's weight, it's about weight displacement. Cheyne Horan in 1984 was a perfect example of a guy who was looking for a board that would generate incredible speed with a minimal effort.

5 years ago I call Mike Eaton in San Deigo, to have him shape me a Bonzer surfboard, at the time Mike seemed closer than Malcolm Campbell, the originator of the bonzer surfboard with his bother Duncan Campbell. Malcolm lived in Ventura, Mike worked in San Deigo, 1 hour to San Deigo 2 hours to Ventura, Mike won. As a kid in 1972 I became aware of the Bonzer shape after seeing pictures of this kid name Russ Short ripping and of course he was riding the original Bonzer's shaped by Malcolm and Duncan.

Russ Short 1977

Russ Short Classic CutBack

The Long Strange Saga of the Bonzer

Tom Curren VS Cheyne Horan 1984

This was my first Bonzer from Mike Eaton 5 years ago. I've had so much fun riding this board. It is now at Joe Hendig's Surfboard Repair Shop in Oceanside getting completely restored! Looking forward to riding this after it gets it face lift. This boards wide point was forward making a great trim board.
Nose: 18.625"
Middle: 23.00"
Tail: 16.75"
thickness: 3.00"
Weight: 13lb. (Heavy)

6'8" 5 Fin Bonzer at Cardiff Reef

Photos By: Jamie Parry

This was my second Bonzer from Mike Eaton 3 years ago this board was narrower with a nose that was pulled in a little more. This board also is at Joe Hendig Surfboard repair shop in Oceanside getting completely restored! This board is very fun when the surf gets a little bigger. This boards wide point was back, giving the board a more swinging feeling while pivoting from the tail.
Nose: 17.25"
Middle: 22.5"
Tail: 16.47"
thickness: 3.00"
Weight: 8lb. (Better)

It was my friend Scott E. Sutton AKA SPUD in the early years at Thalia Street in Laguna Beach, who Pioneered riding these fat short potato boards AKA the name SPUD.

Scott writes wonderful childern's books


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