Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Surf Check, Swamis, 11-15-2007, Video

Film: TKO Design
Music: Marcus Eaton

What a Awesome Morning!
This was a Classic Fall Early Morning. (CFEM)
Light Crowds, 3' to 4' Glassy Conditions
Rode my 11' Pecker, I mean my 11' Becker.
Turns like Butter, Don't need a Rudder,
Love this board on small clean days.
Check out the music of Marcus Eaton.
Saw this cat play with Tim Reynolds at the Coach House on
Tuesday night, these two Artist are both incredible to watch perform.


Marlo said...

'Bout time we get to see your thoughts& photos,Tom.Nice time o'day to think'bout art&surf.You effin' rock!

nao said...

I bet you had a great ride on that 11' peker : )